We are a proud B-BBEE level 3 business

In 2020, we embarked on an in-depth B-BBEE transformation journey. We continue to be committed to supporting our people, growing our entrepreneurs, suppliers and our community. We’re proud to announce that in 2024 we achieved a B-BBEE Level 3 Certificate.

Become a valued part of our community by joining our referral program

Refer great talent or clients to us, and earn rewards in return.

About our referral program

One of our most powerful mechanisms to attract great talent and likeminded clients is through referrals from our wonderful community. With this in mind, we’ve created a referral program with great incentives, which means everyone can benefit.

If you refer a talented person to us and we hire them, or you refer someone to us who then decides to use our services, we’ll give you a cash reward.*

It doesn’t matter whether you refer a friend, cousin or colleague to us – we just want to meet great people who have digital skills we need, or who could benefit from the services we offer.

What you can earn

When you refer either digital talent or potential clients to us, here’s what you stand to earn as a referral fee:

Your placed candidate:

R10 000

If we successfully hire and onboard your referred candidate and they pass our probation period, you’ll get R10 000 in cash in your bank account as a thank you from us.

Referred candidate signing bonus:

R5 000

If the onboarded candidate you referred passes our probation period of three months, that candidate will receive a R5 000 signing bonus.

New client AND new candidate:

R20 000

Should you refer a new client to us plus new talent, you’ll get R20 000 in cash in your bank account for both successful submissions once the candidate has passed our probation period.

New successful division referral within current client:

R5 000

Should the new client fall within a current Strider client (for example a new division with a current client), you’ll earn R5 000 in cash.

New client referral with successful candidate placed:

R10 000

If you refer a new client to us and we sign a contract with them for 6 months or more, you’ll automatically earn R10 000 in cash.

New division within current client AND new candidate:

R15 000

If you refer a new candidate and a new division within a current client’s business, you’ll get R15 000 in cash in your bank account after our three month probation period ends.

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In order to participate in the referral program, we will all need to agree on the way things are done. By referring a candidate to us, you agree to the T&C’s set out below.
Referral T&Cs

When do I get paid?

If you refer a candidate to us who meets the criteria outlined in the section with the heading “Who are we looking for?” 

If the candidate you refer to us gets placed at one of our clients, within 1 year, you will be paid a R10 000 referral fee after the candidate has successfully worked for Strider at one of our clients for a minimum period of 3 months. Please ensure you supply us with your banking details as soon as possible so we can facilitate payment of the referral fee timeously (note this applies to South African bank accounts only, we cannot guarantee payment timeframes into foreign bank accounts due to exchange control and foreign exchange regulations).

What happens if I refer someone you already know, have interviewed before, employed before or you have interacted with?

If we have interacted with the person you refer to us in any manner that relates to placing them as a digital resource at one of our clients, we will provide you with proof of that engagement via email from referrals@strider.co.za, as well as the date of that interaction. If we have previously interacted with the person you refer to us, then unfortunately no referral commission will be owed to you or any other person or entity.

If you and another referrer put forward the same CV, we will accept the applicable CV received first and will communicate accordingly.

If a referred candidate is not placed immediately, you still have the opportunity to earn a referral fee from the successful placement of the candidate up to a year after your initial introduction. If, however, we are introduced to the candidate more than a year after your initial referral, or if the candidate applies for a position with us of their own accord, the referral fee is no longer applicable.

What if someone I refer decides not to take the job at Strider?

If someone you refer to Strider decides not to be employed by Strider, then no commission will be paid as no placement of that person at one of our clients will occur.

What if someone I refer is dismissed within the 3-month trial period, or otherwise fails to complete a client assignment?

If the candidate you referred to us is dismissed by our client within the 3-month period for whatsoever reason, or resigns for whatsoever reason, no referral fee will be due to you.

What if I refer more than one person to you?

There is no limit to the amount of people you can refer to us, provided they meet the criteria outlined in the section with the heading “Who are we looking for?” However, we may close the referral program at our sole discretion for periods of time if we have an influx of referrals and need to focus on vetting the people that have been referred to us. Closure of the referral program for any period of time will be communicated via email, referrals@stridertech.co.za

What types of referrals will we not consider?

We will not consider candidate referrals from recruiters, placement agencies or labour brokers.

Only referrals that are known to you, either through a personal network or your community, are eligible. Referrals from publicly available sources or platforms such as Wikipedia, candidates found through general search engines, LinkedIn and any other open social platforms etc. shall not be eligible for purposes of this referral program. Referrals should only be used for personal and not for commercial purposes. This means we only want to meet people that you know personally or have some personal connection to. If for some reason we believe that the person you are referring to us was found via a non-personal platform (e.g.by conducting a search on LinkedIn) or that you have in any way misled us by misrepresenting your relationship with the candidate (for instance by agreeing to share the referral fee with a candidate who is not a personal contact), we reserve our right to reject the referral and refuse to pay the referral voucher or fee and may also refuse to accept any further referrals from you or any party related to you.

What if Strider communicates that I cannot refer any individuals to Strider?

Strider reserves the right to request that any individual or company stop referring individuals to Strider at any time and for any reason.

If Strider no longer wishes to receive referrals from you, you will be notified via an email from referrals@stridertech.co.za that you may no longer refer any individuals or receive any referral rewards or fees from Strider. The reason you will receive communication of this type is because you may have breached any of the terms or conditions described herein or any of our other legal frameworks that govern the way in which our business operates or the jurisdiction in which it operates. 

Strider reserves the right to suspend, terminate or amend the terms of this referral program at any time and for any reason by giving notice of such suspension, termination or amendment via email from referrals@stridertech.co.za

Strider reserves the right to investigate and report any fraudulent activities related to referrals provided to Strider.

Our current candidate requirements

UX Researchers

Our researchers use global best practice methodologies to gain critical insights into digital product usage. They test products and systems in and out of lab environments, with specific target markets for actionable results to be implemented by digital teams.

UX Writers and Digital Content Writers

Our professional writers can craft user-centric copy to ‘package’ products and services on digital platforms. They have a fundamental understanding of how to position these appropriately, communicate effectively and motivate engagement.

UX/UI Designers and Product Designers

Our skilled user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers are able to create and enhance user satisfaction of digital products. Their focus is on improving the usability and accessibility of any interface through user-centric, intelligent design.

Product Owners

Our professional POs can effectively establish, prioritise, facilitate agreement and oversee work delivered by digital teams. Their ability to lead through strategic decision-making ensures the final product has the correct functionality and features.

Full Stack Developers

Each client has preferences for languages, frameworks, methodologies and ways of working. Strider acknowledges our clients’ tech-building requirements to provide development talent who can execute clean, transferable code that is scalable and stable.

Agile Project Managers

Our hands-on project managers are well versed in all of the relevant agile delivery frameworks. They are great communicators and compelling motivators who can ensure optimal work delivery and consistent results – on time and within budget.

Data Scientists and AI Specialists

Strider has built, deployed and successfully commercialised our own AI product, Glance. It allowed us to source and work with some of the best data scientists and AI experts in the country who our clients now also have the chance to work with!

Design Leads and Creative Directors

Our pool of design leads and creative directors can be rapidly deployed to manage large teams of designers and other digital resources. They play a key role in ensuring projects meet our clients’ intended deliverables on time and within budget.

Have someone in mind?

*Strider reserves the right to reject any proposed candidates at its sole discretion, even at the initial referral stage.

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