We are a proud B-BBEE level 3 business

In 2020, we embarked on an in-depth B-BBEE transformation journey. We continue to be committed to supporting our people, growing our entrepreneurs, suppliers and our community. We’re proud to announce that in 2024 we achieved a B-BBEE Level 3 Certificate.

We nurture digital talent to accelerate transformation

Find out how we’ve created a community of the best digital talent in Africa.

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Technology isn’t about technology. It’s about people – our people, who are at the core of everything we do. Our clients have a purpose, and our people help them realise that purpose through their digital skills and know-how.

We empower our community to reimagine their future

Without digital talent that is empowered, purpose-driven, supported and nurtured, there is no digital revolution. Without a nurturing home for people to thrive, there is no digital future. People are the future of digital, which is why we’re focused on making sure we nurture the people who are leading the way.

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Our goal is to nurture the best emerging and established digital talent across all specialist fields, enabling them to create their best work.

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Not sure what your digital team should look like? Need a UX or UI Designer? A CX or UX Researcher, a UX Writer or Digital Copywriter?
Knowing the best outsourced digital team structure for your business can be complicated and extremely time-consuming.
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To help you save time, we have collated some the most frequently asked questions our team receive. Whether you are a client or would like to join our team we have some answers for you.

If a consultant resigns within the specified contract duration - what would the replacement process consist of?

A 30-day notice is given to the client, and we will replace the consultant within 4-6 weeks as we will need to present new profiles and follow the standard process of shortlisting and interviewing before confirming a consultant. These scenarios will be discussed as a case-by-case basis and the best possible solution agreed on by both parties.

What is Strider’s policy if the consultant is not performing within a month?

We enact a PIP- a performance improvement plan as soon as we have feedback regarding performance concerns. If the consultant is still not performing, we replace the consultant at no cost to the client and we will not bill the client for their last month of work while we are finding a replacement. If no replacement is required, then we will forfeit fees for the last calendar month they worked.

What is the timeline for the removal of the consultant if they are not performing well?

If our PIP (performance improvement plan) was not successful then our contracts indicate a 30-day notice period therefore we will give our consultants 30 days after the client gives us notice. We will immediately look for a replacement if required. This timeline also differs per client and can be discussed on an individual basis.

What happens if the client would like the consultant to transition over to a permanent staff member?

We understand that these scenarios do occur, and the reasons for this transition may differ for each scenario. At Strider we have some Hybrid options that we can discuss which would benefit all three parties involved (Client, Strider, and the Consultant).

What are your costing models?

We bill an hourly rate depending on the level of experience of the consultant, client requirements and length of contract. Should our clients look to deploy a team of Strider consultants we can offer a project rate.

An alternative to hourly or project-based billing is a fixed monthly fee regardless of hours worked.

What do you mean by “our consultants are fully equipped”?

This term includes the provision of hardware, software, training when required and ongoing management of our consultants for any HR-related matters (performed by Strider management) over and above the consultant’s daily tasks as determined by our clients.

What support do you provide to your consultants?

In addition to the training, soft management and HR related aspects mentioned previously, we provide our consultant access to a wellness manager; they have regular one-on-one sessions where we monitor and nurture our consultant’s health and wellbeing. We also use this opportunity to discuss and track career growth initiatives and enhancements so they can perform at the top of their game for our clients.

What are the various services offering models provided by Strider?

Strider can assist clients with digital outsourcing based on their unique requirements 

  1. A single consultant with the value-added digital skills and experience 
  2. We can provide a team-based service where Strider can provide cross-functional, skill-based, scalable teams which will offer our clients versatility and transparency during the extent of a project.

Do you provide assessments to your consultants?

Our clients generally provide their in-house technical or design challenge assessments to our consultants but if this is not available, we can also provide our consultants with IKM assessments and submit the results to our clients for review.

Does Strider operate internationally?

We currently have locations in South Africa and Berlin, some of our consultants are fully remote and can provide services to clients based in the UTC +2 to UTC +4 time zones – service delivery is provided from South Africa.

What benefits does Strider offer?

  • We provide 22 days paid leave where consultants have opted for a fixed monthly salary.
  • We have a professional Talent Relationship Specialist whose job it is to provide regular individual counseling, mentoring and coaching to ensure our consultants are fully supported.
  • We provide group wellness sessions on a monthly basis.
  • We provide assistance with role related training as well as soft skills training to improve communication, presentation, conflict  management etc.
  • We provide our consultants with hardware should this be required as well as any software required by our clients.

Will I get a bonus?

We do have a bonus policy in place which is at the discretion of the CEO and is based on your performance and that of the company as a whole. We want to reward you for excellent performance and so encourage you to always put your best foot forward.

Is there an opportunity for me to earn more money?

Yes, we have a Referral Program in place if we successfully place a consultant that you refer to us (terms and conditions apply) in that you will receive a cash reward. Refer to the Referral Program on the website for more information.

Can I work remotely?

This depends entirely on the client. Some clients have a “work from home” policy whilst others have adopted a “hybrid” model where part of the week is “work from home” and the other part is at the office. Where clients have opted for a full return to office, this will always be communicated to you at the time of the interview so that you can make an informed decision. However, it is the prerogative of the client to change their working arrangements at any time.

What happens if my contract is not renewed?

Strider will always strive to find alternative placements if your contract is not renewed. Whilst we cannot guarantee a new placement, we do like to keep our team intact and will do our very best with this. In some instances, we may keep you on the “bench” if we know that a new placement is confirmed but there is a waiting period prior to start date.

What is the likelihood of renewal?

This is entirely client dependent, however, great performance, excellent quality of work and meeting deadlines is considered when client is contemplating renewals.

Is there flexibility with hours?

This is entirely client dependent and we are happy to find this out for you in order to help you make an informed decision.

Will Strider provide me with a laptop?

Yes, should you need a laptop or a Macbook, this will be provided to you for the duration of your contract.

How long is the contract?

This is entirely client dependent but will be communicated to you upfront so that you can make an informed decision. Contracts are usually 6 to 12 months with possibility of renewal.

Will I be employed by Strider or the Client.

You will be employed on the basis of a fixed term contract to Strider and will be outsourced to our Client. We will take care of you and look after your well-being whilst our Client will manage the actual work deliverables with you. We have a dedicated Talent Relationship Specialist who is employed to walk the journey with you so you are always supported.

Is there a chance of my contract role going permanent?

It is possible and should that situation arise we will engage with our client and with you to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

Do you do background checks?

Yes, we are required to do the following background checks:

  • Criminal
  • Fraud
  • Credit
  • Matric and Tertiary Qualifications